Wood Bead Napkin Ring

Wood Bead Napkin Ring
These DIY wood bead napkin rings are easy to make using just a few supplies! Create a timeless look for your tablescape with rustic wooden beads and jute twine.

Let's Get Started


A)    String ten small beads onto a piece of jute.


A)    String both ends of the jute through a large bead and let them hang loose, for now.


A)    Insert a sprig of artificial greenery into the hole of the large bead.


A)    Wrap a piece of jute underneath the large bead, around the greenery and two jute strings from Step 2, and tie a knot.

B)    Continue to wrap the jute around the strings and greenery. Cut the jute when you’re happy with the wrapping.

C)   Use tacky glue to adhere the wrapped piece of jute. Let dry.


A)    String a small bead onto both pieces of jute. Tie a knot at the end of both pieces of jute so that the beads dangle near the ends.

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