Jute Wreath

Jute Wreath
Embrace the cozy spirit of autumn with this DIY Jute Wreath! Crafted with intricate braided jute and adorned with ribbons, flowers, and leaves, this wreath is a heartwarming addition to your seasonal decor.

Let's Get Started


A)    Print out the template.

B)    Cut out the template.

C)   Trace the template onto cardboard.

D)   Cut out the cardboard template to make the wreath form.


A)    Wrap the jute around the cardboard wreath and tie a knot. Note: Leave a little extra jute tail on the knot. Begin wrapping the jute around the wreath, keeping the passes tight together.

B)    If your skein of jute runs out, knot a new one onto the ending of the first on the back of the wreath.

C)   Continue wrapping the jute all the way around the wreath until you meet the starting point.

D)   Knot and tie off the jute with the extra jute tail from the knot at the starting point. Trim excess jute.


A)    Cut nine 26” lengths of jute.

B)    Place the pieces of jute next to each other and tape them to the table.

C)   Separate the jute into three groups of three strands and braid them together. Keep the braid flat.

D)   When you’re done braiding, tape the other end to the table.


A)    Apply hot glue over the braid along the edge of the tape on both ends. Let cool.

B)    Remove the tape and cut a crisp edge above the glued section.

C)   Your braid is ready to be added to the wreath!


A)    Use hot glue to adhere the braid to the wreath. We placed our braid slightly off center.


A)    Cut a piece of ribbon for the hanger and loop it through the wreath. Knot or hot glue it to secure the loose ends.

B)    Cut a 12" piece of ribbon and tie a loose knot in the middle to make a simple bow. Cut points on the ends, if desired.

C)   Hot glue the bow to the ribbon on the top of the wreath.

D)   Hot glue flowers and leaves to the top of the wreath.

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