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What type of paint is in the kit?
- It is a highly pigmented tempera paint. The paints are water-based paints.


What temperature does the tool heat up to?
- 700 - 900 degrees

What is the age recommendation?
- 12+


Can you cure the resin with a UV light?
- The resin is not UV curable. It is the job of the resin hardener to cure the casting resin

Can this kit be used to make a container that will hold wax and a wick for a candle?
- We do not recommend using the Resin Creations Kit to make a box that would directly hold the wax and wick for a candle. The resin is not designed to handle the heat of a direct flame. 



Are all jewelry making products lead and nickel free?
- Yes

Is it safe to use ArtSkills resin to make soap dishes?
- Yes, it is safe to use the Resin Creations kit to make soap dishes.


Is the clay bake or air dry?
- The clay is not meant to dry, it is reusable.


Can the wheel direction be switched?
- No


How long does the Glitter Glue take to dry?
- The glitter glue can take up to 24 hours to dry, depending how thick it is applied, relative huidity, temperature, etc.

Does the Tacky Glue dry white or clear?
- Clear

How long will the Paints in the Mixed Media Art Set last?
- Minimum of 2 years

What kind of Clay is included in the Oven Baked Clay set and can it be air dried?
- The clay is a polymer. Baking hardens the clay, if not baked it will lose its shape.

Will watercolors work on the Premium Sketch Pad?
- Watercolors can be used on the Sketch Pad, but are not recommended.

Are the Premium Colored Pencils oil or wax based?
-Waxed Based

What is the difference between the Graphite and Charcoal Pencils? How are the Erasers used?
- Graphite Pencils are used to draw details and fine lines. Charcoal Sticks and Pencils lay down a heavy, dark mark and are intended to be "moved or shaded"" with a tortillon and or the kneading eraser (blue eraser). The white eraser is intended to erase completely.

Are the Canvas Panels already primed and ready to use?
- Yes

Will the Hot Glue work on fabric?
- Yes, but test first, as the heat can melt some fabrics. We do advise against putting the finished product in the washer or dryer.

Are the Glitter Paint Sticks gluten and egg free?
- We do not add gluten or egg, but we cannot guarantee that there is none present in the factory during the manufacturing process. 

Do the Paint Sticks work on wood?
- No, paint Sticks are not suggested for use on wood, it will rub off after application.

Are the Fine Artist Pens permanent?
- Yes

Can you use Paint Sticks on your skin?
- While ArtSkills Paints are not toxic, they are not intended to be used on skin. We recommend using a cosmetic face paint.

Can the Silicone Muffin Pan be used in a toaster oven?
- Yes




What can be used to adhere Crafters Closet Gems to a project?
- Tacky Glue on non-bendable surfaces and Fabric Glue if adhereing them to fabric, like denim.

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