Fall Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece
Capture the essence of autumn with this delightful DIY centerpiece! Adorn a glass container with an assortment of artificial fall-colored flowers and complete the rustic charm by crafting a faux leather wrap. Display the floral centerpiece on a rustic wood slice for a cozy and inviting touch to your seasonal decor!

Let's Get Started


A)    Cut flower stems to a height that will work with your glass container.


A)    Glue the flower stems to the outside of the glass container. Keep the bottom of the stems even with the bottom of the container. Continue gluing the stems, mixing your flowers and making an arrangement around the container.


A)    Wrap burlap around the bottom of the container to hide the bottoms of the stems. Cut the burlap so that there is a bit of overlap.

B)    Glue the burlap in place.


A)    Crumple a strip of kraft paper that is long enough to wrap around the container and a bit wider than you will need. Open it up and crumple it again. Lightly mist water onto the crumpled paper.

B)    Crumple the paper a third time. Open the paper and press it flat to dry.


A)    Make a mixture of one half deco podge to one half brown paint. Lightly brush across the top of the crumpled paper, catching the tops of the texture on the paper. Let dry.

B)    Apply a coat of deco podge to the paper. Let dry.


A)    Cut a strip that is approximately 1 1/2" wide from the faux leather.


A)    Wrap the faux leather strip around the container, centering it in the middle of the burlap. Glue it in place.  


A)    Stain the wood slice. Let dry.


A)    Place the container on the wood slice.

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