Faux Metal Succulent Planter

Faux Metal Succulent Planter
Create a chic succulent planter with a modern twist! Black poster board with a coat of silver metallic paint mimics the look of galvanized metal. This stylish DIY project is perfect for adding a touch of industrial elegance to any space.

Let's Get Started


A)    Print the templates.

B)    Cut out and make the templates following the instructions on each sheet.

C)   Trace the templates onto the black poster board.

D)   Cut out the pieces from the black poster board. You will need one front, one back, and two side pieces. Fold along the indicated lines.


A)    Trace the back template onto a piece of sturdy cardboard.

B)    Cut out the back cardboard piece.

C)   Apply tacky glue to the back cardboard piece.

D)   Place the black poster board piece onto the wet glue on the back cardboard piece. Let dry.


A)    Flip the back piece of the planter over so that the cardboard side is facing up. Hot glue the first tab from one of the side pieces to the back of the planter.

B)    Fold the side piece at the crease and hot glue the next tab to the back of the planter.

C)   Fold the side piece at the next crease again,  and hot glue the last tab to the back of the planter.

D)   Hot glue the connecting tab from the first side piece to the second side piece.


A)    Continue hot gluing the second side piece to the planter using the directions from Step 3.

B)    Be sure to glue the connecting tab from the second side piece to the first side piece to complete the sides.


A)    Hot glue the center tab on the bottom of the front piece to the bottom of the planter. Note: The tabs should be glued inside the planter.

B)    Flip up the front piece of the planter and hot glue the two side tabs to the corresponding sides of the planter.

C)   The planter is assembled!


A)    Use a paint brush to randomly dab metallic silver paint onto the planter. Cover all the visible areas. Let dry.


A)    Cut a piece of foam to fit inside the planter.

B)    Insert the foam into the planter.

C)   Add faux succulents and moss.

D)   The planter is complete!

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