Pineapple Candle Decor

Pineapple Candle Decor
Create a summery pineapple decor piece using a mason jar! Paper scales and leaves make the glass jar look like a tropical fruit. Insert a tea light to turn it into a gorgeous DIY lantern!

What You'll Need:

Let's Get Started


A)    Print out the template and cut out the scale.

B)    Trace scales onto poster board. You will need about 50 scales to complete the project.

C)   Cut out the pineapple scales with scissors. OPTIONAL: Use a personal cutting machine to cut out the scales.

D)   Fold the scales in half. Tip: Use a bone folder (or a butter knife) to create a sharp crease.


A)    Flip the jar upside down. Beginning at the top, start to hot glue a row of scales to the jar. Note: Be sure to only place dabs of glue in the corners of each scale.

B)    Complete the first row of scales.

C)   Hot glue the next row of scales onto the jar. Offset the row so it’s in between the scales on the first row.

D)   Continue this pattern of offsetting the scales until you reach the neck of the jar.


A)    Cut a 1/2" wide by 9 1/2" long strip of poster board.

B)    Hot glue the band to the bottom of the jar, around the neck.

C)   Hot glue a row of scales to the band, following the offset pattern from above.

D)   Cut the very last row of scales in half. Glue them to the band following the offset pattern.


A)    Cut a piece of poster board that is big enough to hold 11 leaves. Spray paint both sides gold. Note: Also spray the lid of the mason jar if needed. Let dry.

B)    Trace the leaf template onto the gold poster board. You will need 11 leaves to complete the project.

C)   Cut out the leaves with scissors. OPTIONAL: Use a personal cutting machine to cut out the leaves.


A)    Cut a foam ball in half.

B)    Curl the leaves to add dimension by rolling the leaf along a pencil.

C)   Create the leaf topper by randomly gluing gold leaves onto the foam ball. Place them at different heights on the ball. Tip: Cut the bottoms off several leaves to help vary their lengths.

D)   Hot glue the leaf topper to the jar.


A)    Screw the lid on the bottom of the jar.

B)    Place a tea light underneath.

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