Wood Slice Vase

Wood Slice Vase
Create a nature-inspired touch for your seasonal decor with this delightful spring vase featuring rustic wood slices, vibrant moss, and whimsical spring elements. Add fresh flowers to the hidden floral water tube for the finishing touch.

Let's Get Started


A)    Lay a wood slice flat on a work surface.

B)    Place a floral water tube on the wood slice, with the tube centered and just peeking above the edge of the wood slice


A)    Cut small pieces of cardboard.

B)    Stack and glue the small pieces of cardboard in place along the sides of the floral water tube. The goal is to make the cardboard the same depth as the floral water tube, creating a channel to slide the tube in and out of.

C)   Hot glue the second wood slice to the cardboard, sandwiching the tube in between the two wood slices.

D)   Let the glue set and harden.


A)    Tuck moss in between the wood slices.

B)    Fill the entire opening to hide the cardboard inside.


A)    Remove the floral water tube and take the cap off.

B)    Fill the floral water tube with water.

C)   Reinsert the floral water tube back into the wood slice vase.


A)    Add fresh flowers to the water tube.

B)    Add any spring accents that you’d like.

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