Robin Egg Jar

Robin Egg Jar
Create a pretty robin egg blue mason jar to display your favorite flowers and bring farmhouse charm to your spring decor! Add fun speckles using a toothbrush and paint.

Let's Get Started


A) Mix blue, white, and green paint together.

B) Make a shade similar to a robin’s egg.

C) Add baking soda and mix until it’s incorporated to thicken the paint.

D) The final result should have a chalk paint consistency.


A) Paint the mason jar. You may need two coats for complete coverage. Let dry thoroughly, especially between coats, if applying more than one.


A) Dip a toothbrush in brown paint. Use your thumb to spray paint flecks onto the jar like a speckled robin’s egg. Let dry.


A) Wrap craft cord around the neck of the mason jar and secure it in place with glue.


A) Print out the template and cut out one of the tags.

B) Punch a hole through the top of the tag.


A) Tie the tag to the neck of the jar using the craft cord.

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