Word Art



Word Art!

Mountains Template


Step 1:

Choose three colors to fade into one another to create an ombre. You should select a light color, and middle color, and a dark color. At the top of the letter or shape you want to ombre, start coloring with your lightest color. Press harder with your pencil at the top of the shape, and fade the color toward the middle of the letter or shape.

Step 2:

Using your middle color, start coloring the bottom of the shape or letter. Press hard with your pencil and apply less pressure as you move up and color about the bottom two-thirds. Apply less pressure with your pencil as you move up the shape in order to blend the middle color into the light color. You should fill in the shape all the way to the bottom.

Step 3:

With your darkest color pencil, start coloring at the bottom of the letter or shape, pressing hardest at the bottom and applying less pressure as you move upward so that it blends into the middle color.

Check out our video "How to Ombre with Colored Pencils" for more information!