Colored Pencils - Noble Lion

Colored Pencils - Noble Lion
Relax and let your imagination go wild with The Noble Lion coloring page! These printable designs are full of beautiful details for artists of any age. Fill in the swirling shapes and flowing patterns with a wide array of colors to create your own personalized masterpiece!

Supplies Needed

This project works best when using the materials shown below. These items can be  found in the ArtSkills Premium Artist Case!

Tips & Tricks

Color Wheel & Palettes
These designs will come to life with any assortment of coors. Try using your Color Wheel to create professional results. See below for some pre-made color palette samples you can use to color your designs!

Complimentary Colors
Colors that are opposite of each other on the Color Wheel (i.e.: Purple and Yellow) are known as Complimentary Colors. These colors look great when used together in artwork. The example below demonstrates the use of Complimentary colors to make patterns stand out.

Analogous Colors

Colors that lie next to each other on the Color Wheel, (i.e.: Orange and Yellow-Orange) are known as Analogous Colors. These colors can create a wide range of value when used together in artwork. For example, the image below shows the elephant's ear colored with Red Orange to Yellow Orange. This creates a steady transition from the top of the ear to the bottom while still tying the entire shape together.

Let's Get Started!


See below for some starter techniques to your Noble Lion.