Patio Pillow

Patio Pillow
Transform a simple bath mat into a cozy patio pillow! Rustic burlap ribbon, intricate braided cord, and delicate pearl beads will bring a touch of elegance to your outdoor decor. This DIY craft combines comfort and style, offering a unique and personalized accent for your outdoor seating area.

What You'll Need:

Let's Get Started


A)    Fold the bath mat in half to see the front workable area of the pillow.

B)    Be sure to match up the sides.


A)    Hot glue the wider burlap ribbon across the center of the pillow area. Note: Be sure to leave excess ribbon on both sides.


A)    Braid the macrame craft cord to make two accent braids. Note: Be sure to make the braids long enough to extend past the edges.

B)    Hot glue the braids to the pillow area, one on each side of the center burlap ribbon.


A)    String pearl beads onto craft cord, making two strands. Knot off the ends of the strands to secure the pearl beads. Note: Make the strands just long enough to reach the edges of the pillow area.

B)    Hot glue the strands of pearl beads to the pillow area, one on each side of the braid.


A)    Hot glue the narrow burlap ribbons across the pillow area, one strip on each side of the pearl beads. Note: Be sure to leave excess ribbon on both sides.


A)    Flip the bath mat over to the back side.

B)    Fold over the excess ribbons, braids and strings. Hot glue them to the back of the bath mat.


A)    Fold the bath mat in half again.

B)    Make sure the correct side is facing out and all the edges are aligned.

C)   Apply hot glue along the long side and one short side.

D)   Press to seal the two sides closed.


A)    Open the unsealed end of the pillow.

B)    Stuff the pillow with fiberfill.

C)   Apply hot glue to the open side and press to fully seal the pillow.

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