Winter Bear Cookies



 What You'll Need:

 Let's Do This!

Step 1:

A)Set aside at least a dozen Melting Wafers for later. In a microwave bowl, melt 2 bags of chocolate according to the directions on the package.

B)Stir chocolate between each melting. Repeat the melting process until smooth. Times may vary.


Step 2:

A)Push the candy coated chocolates into the crème of the chocolate sandwich cookies, to create the ears.

B)Balance cookies on a fork. Dip the entire cookie into the melted chocolate, covering it completely.

C)Remove the cookie from the chocolate and tap the fork gently on the side of the bowl to allow excess chocolate to drip off.

D)Slide the chocolate covered bears onto parchment paper using a fork. 

Step 3:

A)Add a chocolate wafer to the middle of the cookie while chocolate is still warm.This will make the bears muzzle.

B)Add eyes while chocolate is still warm. Let cool.

C)Apply a small amount of melted chocolate to the center muzzle. This will act as the "glue" for the nose.

D)Stick a candy coated chocolate onto the muzzle for the nose. Let cool.