Spring Flower Arrangement


 What You'll Need:

 Let's Do This!

Step 1:

A) Cut a section of flowers from the main bunch. The bunch should be approximately 10" high.
B) Rubber band the bottom of the bunch together.

 Step 2:

 A) Fill the shaker halfway with sand.

B) Insert the bundled flowers into the sand.

Step 3: 

Cut a 24" length of jute and saturate it with watercolor. Let dry. Tip: Lay the jute on a plate to protect your work surface. Use a paintbrush loaded with color and dab it along the jute. Choose a color to match your flowers.

 Step 4:

Cut four 11" pieces of burlap ribbon (see inset photo). Hot glue the seams together to make one piece.

 Step 5:

A) Trim the length of the burlap piece to 10". Cut off both raw edges to create crisp edges.
B) Center the arrangement in the middle of the burlap piece. 

 Step 6:

A) Fold the burlap up around the shaker, keeping seams and folds even.
B) Tie the jute around the shaker to hold the burlap in place. Make a bow and trim off any excess length.