Pumpkin Glass Votives


  • Plastic or Glass Goblets
  • ArtSkills Acrylic Paint Set
  • ArtSkills Paint Brushes
  • ArtSkills Paint Palette
  • ArtSkills Jute
  • Green Metallic Chenille Stem
  • ArtSkills Glitter (We used gold, green and neon orange)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Faux Leaves or Foliage
  • Scissors
  • Tea Lights

Let’s Do This:

Step 1.

Mix together yellow and red paint to get an orange color. Paint the cup part of the wine glass orange. Mix green and black paint to get a dark green, paint the stem and base of the glass with the dark green. You may need to apply several coats of paint. Let this dry for 15 minutes before the next step.

Step 2:

Add detail and dimension to the pumpkin:
  • Mix up brown and green and make six equally spaced lines around the glass
  • Mix the brow-green with a little orange paint, water this down a little and use it to blend the edges of the lines you previously painted
  • Add a little orange paint to each section and blend with yellow paint to give each section some highlights. (You want the paint to be a little wet for this part so you may have to work on one section at a time.)

Step 3:

Add glitter to the rim of your glass by applying tacky glue with a paint brush. Then shake on glitter or pour glitter on a shallow dish and dip the glass in while the glue is still wet. (We used neon orange and gold glitter to create a pretty copper color.)

Step 4:

Use hot glue to attach jute to the stem of the glass where the green and orange paint meet.

Step 5:

Twist jute onto a chenille stem, hot glue ends to secure. Wrap around a pencil or brush to create a curly vine and hot glue this to the top of the pumpkin.

Step 6:

Add glue to the edges and veins of two faux leaves and sprinkle with green glitter. Attach the sparkly leaves to the pumpkin with hot glue.

Top your creation with a tea light. Repeat the process to create a set of beautiful pumpkin votives that will add a warm glow to your fall tablescape.