Love Plaque


What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!

Step 1:

A)Print "love" template and scribble chalk on the back. Place template onto wood plaque with "Love" facing upward and the chalk side down.
B)With a pencil, trace the letters onto the pallet plank.   

Step 2:

A)Remove template.To prevent lettering from wiping away, trace over chalk lettering with a marker.
B)Paint a dark color along the bottom of the lettering. We used dark blue.
C)Next, paint the upper half of the plank with a lighter color. We used a sky blue.
D)Paint the center of the letters with a contrasting color to make them pop!  

Step 3:

A)Soak jute in a mixture of tacky glue and a little water. Place and form wet jute onto the lettering.

Step 4:

A)Let jute dry and cut off excess.