Leaf Bowl



 What You'll Need:

 Let's Do This:

Step 1:

Prepare bowl

Cover a bowl with plastic wrap using a criss-cross pattern. Our bowl is 8 ½" wide by 4" high. 

Step 2:

Prepare leaves Remove the plastic veins from the leaves by pulling them off. You'll need about 20-25 leaves, depending on their size. 

Step 3:

Make the bowl

A) Completely coat the front of a leaf with tacky glue.

B) Start at the bottom of the bowl and place the leaf on the bowl. Continue coating more leaves and placing them around the bottom of the bowl.

C) Make as many rows of leaves needed to completely cover the bowl.

Step 4:

A) Cover the leaf bowl with plastic wrap using a criss-cross pattern. Press the plastic wrap tightly against the bowl. Let it sit for three to four hours. Note: the glue will not dry during this phase, but it will set up the shape of the bowl.

B) Carefully remove the outer layer of plastic wrap from the bowl. Let the bowl sit for one to two more hours until the glue is completely dry.

 Step 5:

A) Loosen the inner plastic wrap and leaf bowl from the bowl itself.

B) Remove the inner plastic wrap from the leaf bowl.

 Step 6:

Paint the inside and outside of the leaf bowl with gold glitter paint. Let dry.