Jingle Bells Shadow Box Craft Idea



What You'll Need: 

  • 8" x 10" Shadow Box Picture Frame
  • ArtSkills Black Glitter Designer Tape
  • ArtSkills Silver Glitter Designer Tape
  • ArtSkills Gold Metallic Paint Marker
  • ArtSkills Red Detail Ribbon
  • ArtSkills Craft Scissors
  • ArtSkills Hot Glue Gun
  • ArtSkills Hot Glue Sticks
  • Jingle Bells (Varying sizes and colors)
  • Clear Self Stick Gems
  • Free Jingle All the Way Template

Step 1: 

Download and Print out the "Jingle all the Way" template. Tape this template to the inside of the glass frame and trace the letters on the front of the glass with the silver paint marker.

Step 2:

Cover the frame backer with black glitter tape and two pieces of red ribbon to create a wrapped gift effect.

Step 3:

Cover the edge of the frame with silver glitter tape and fold the overhanging edges over the front of the frame. 

Step 4:

Add red ribbons and gems to the frame for extra detail.

Step 5:

With the glass in place, fill the frame with jingle bells. Then attach the backer.

Step 6:

Make a simple bow with the detail ribbon and attach it with hot glue near the corner of the frame. Finish your project by adding a bell to the middle of the bow.