Holiday Door Tags



 What You'll Need:

 Let's Do This!

Step 1:

A) Remove staples and rope from the rustic palette signs. Keep one rope for later. Do not take off the plastic hangers.  

B) Paint sides and fronts of both of the rustic palette signs with black chalkboard paint. Let dry.  

Step 2:

A) Place 1 inch painter's tape in 1 inch increments along the signs horizontally. 

B) Paint red paint over exposed areas. Let dry. 

C) Remove tape. Place 1 inch painters tape in 1 inch increments along the signs vertically. 

D) Paint red over exposed areas. Let dry. Remove tape.  

Step 3:

A) Pull the ends of the rope through plastic hangers and knot to hang the two signs together.

Step 4:

A) Cover wood letter with tacky glue. Cover with glitter. Let dry. 

B) Hot glue the letter to bottom left of the solid black rustic palette sign.  

Step 5:

A) Mix 1 tsp. of white paint and 1 tsp of tacky glue. 

B) Apply paint/glue mixture on jingle bells to "frost" them as shown. 

C) Sprinkle white glitter on wet paint/glue mix. Let dry. 

D) Use black cord to tie bells to plastic tab on top of the plaid rustic palette sign. 

Step 6:

A) Make the button and first loop of the bow by zig-zagging the ribbon, as shown. The button is a 2" loop and the first loop is a 3 ½" loop. Use your pointer finger and thumb to hold the ribbon. 

B) Make the second, third, and fourth loops by zig-zagging the ribbon back and forth. Keep those loops at 3 ½" as well. 

C) Pinch the ribbon in the center and then twist the 10" piece of wire around the center to hold the bow. 

D) Fluff the loops on the bow and then trim off the excess ribbon from the roll to make the two ribbon tails even.  

Step 7:

A) Attach bow to rope. Hang.