Hanging Clay Vases


What You'll Need:


 Let's Do This:

Step 1:

A) Use two 3/16" wood dowels as depth guides on the sides of the block of clay. Roll out clay so it's slightly larger than 4 ½" x 10 ½". 

B) Use a ruler and project knife to cut out a 4 ½" x 10 ½" clay rectangle.  


Step 2:

A) Cut a 12" piece of burlap ribbon. 

B) Lay the burlap down the center of the clay and use the rolling pin to press the burlap into the clay. Press hard enough to make an imprint of the texture, but not so hard that you distort the clay rectangle. 

C) Move the burlap to the left side, matching the seam, and use the rolling pin to make an imprint. 

D) Move the burlap to the right side, matching the seam, and use the rolling pin to make an imprint.  


Step 3:

A) Carefully flip the clay over to the other side. 

B) Repeat steps 2B–2D on the back of the clay.  


Step 4:

A) Cut a 4" section from a toilet paper roll. Press the paper roll flat. 

B) Wrap aluminum foil around the paper roll. 

C) Lay the foil-wrapped roll on the clay rectangle, about 4" up from the bottom and centered between the sides. 

D) Gently fold the bottom edge of the clay up over the roll to make a pocket.  


Step 5:

A) Press the sides of the pocket down against the back to seal the edges.  

B) Use the end of a paint brush to make indents along the sides of the seams. We made seven indents on each side. 

C) Use a straw to poke holes at the inner edge of each indent. 

D) Use a straw to poke two holes at the top for hanging. 


Step 6:

Bake the clay wall vase for 15 minutes at 250 degrees. Let cool. Remove the foil wrapped roll when totally cool.


Step 7:

A) Cut two 18" pieces of jute.  

B) Insert one end of the jute through one of the bottom holes from the back. Loop around the bottom of the clay and tie the loop into a knot in the back to secure it. Insert the jute into the second hole, pushing it through the back, and then weave in and out of the holes on that side. The jute should come out of the hole at the top from the back. 

C) Repeat step 7B on the other side of the vase using the other 18" piece of jute. D) Make a knot at the top of the two strands of jute to create a hanger. 


Ta Da!