Geometric Wall Art


2 Sets of  ArtSkills mini silver and gold foil tapes
2 Sets of ArtSkills mini silver and gold glitter tapes
1 Roll of Tape Trends Designer Tape silver glitter
1 Roll of Tape Trends Designer Tape gold glitter
Rectangle templates: (Download Below)
1 White Foam Poster Board
22" by 28" stretched canvas


Step 1.

Print out the rectangle templates and adhere the sheet to a piece of scrap foam board. Using your craft knife and ruler, cut out your large and slim rectangles along their red lined border

Step 2.

Next cut out the inner gray shaded rectangle from the large rectangle. Your templates are now ready to be used.


Step 3.

Position your canvas so that the long side, 28", is facing you (landscape orientation). Mark 2" in from the bottom and side of the left bottom corner of the canvas. Run pieces of painters tape to this mark to help you place the large rectangle template. Mark all four corners of your canvas this way.


Step 4.

Place the large rectangle at the first marked 2" point and trace. Before removing your template, take your slim rectangle and place at the side edge of your canvas. Line up your center lines and trace. Do the same thing at the bottom edge of the canvas.


Step 5.

Repeat step 4 in all other corners of your canvas.


Step 6.

Begin to work your way into the canvas, drawing more large rectangles and skinny rectangles until you have three columns of three rectangles in your design as shown in the corresponding image.

* note * Black marker was used to emphasize the additional tracings. Pencil should be used. Notice the inner rectangle is not traced in the middle column of large rectangles. Lastly notice the distance between the center large rectangles is less than 2". The distance is 1.5". Trace the slim template up to the red block as you connect the interior sides of the large rectangles.



Step 7.

Cut six 5" strips of the wide gold glitter tape. Apply these strips on each side of your middle column large rectangles using your pencil lines as your guide. The strips will run inside the pencil lines.


Step 8.

Next cut six 3 1/4" strips of the same tape and apply to the tops and bottoms completing your middle column.

Step 9.

Cut twelve 5" strips of the mini silver foil tape and apply to the sides of the left and right columns of the large rectangles.


Step 10.

To complete these large rectangles cut six 6" strips of the same tape and apply to the tops and bottoms.

Step 11.

For the inner rectangles cut twelve 2" strips of the mini gold foil tape and apply to the sides of the left and right large rectangle columns.



Step 12.

Cut twelve 3" strips of the same tape and apply to the tops and bottoms to complete these inner rectangles in both the left and right columns.

Step 13.

Finish off your design by measuring and cutting the mini silver foil tape and mini gold glitter Tape to run along the skinny drawn 1/2" by 2" and 1/2" by 1 1/2" rectangles connecting all of your 5" by 7" rectangles.


Optional - instead of framing emphasize this designs contemporary clean lines by applying the mini silver glitter tapes around your canvas edges adding a little interest and sparkle to it's edges. Create a coordinating canvas flipping the colors (silver for gold, gold for silver) to make more of a statement hanging on another on a expansive wall.

* note * if making two projects, center gold dominant canvas and center silver dominant canvas you will need an additional pack of the mini gold and silver foil tapes.

Project takes approximately 3 hours for one canvas design.