Frosted Jars



Let's Do This!

Step 1:

A) On a protective surface, mix one cup of Epsom salt with one tablespoon of glitter.

B) Cover a glass jar with a heavy coat of deco podge. Tip: Work with one jar at a time as you complete the parts of Step 1. This will ensure the deco podge stays wet for the application of the salt/glitter mixture.

C) Sprinkle the Epsom salt and glitter mixture over the wet deco podge on the glass jar, covering it completely. Use a heavy application to ensure complete coverage.

D) Gently press the Epsom salt and glitter mixture into the wet deco podge so it sticks well to the jar. Note: The extra salt/glitter mixture will fall off. Repeat Steps 1B through 1D to cover the remaining two glass jars. Let dry. 

Step 2:

A) Hot glue the end of a piece of jute to the top of a glass jar.

B) Wrap the jute around the jar four times. Cut.

C) Hot glue the loose end of the jute to the jar to secure it in place.

Step 3:

Cut three 30" pieces of jute (one piece for each jar). 

Step 4:

Tie the jute around the jar and secure a small bunch of greens behind the knot. Tip: For a pleasing arrangement, have the bunch of greens and berries on the center jar slightly larger than the bunch of greens on the two side jars. 

Step 5:

Tie a bow to finish off the jute accent. Repeat 3A through 3C to complete the other two jars. 

Step 6:

A) Hot glue the glass jars to the wood plank. Be sure they are evenly spaced and that the center jar has the larger group of greens/berries.

B) Insert the battery-operated string lights into the glass jars.