Farmhouse Faux Metal Sign



What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


A)Paint an 8" x 10" canvas with black chalkboard paint. Let dry.

B)Use a paint brush loaded with silver metallic paint to randomly dab paint onto the canvas. Apply the paint in multiple directions. Let dry. 


A)Twist four sheets of newspaper together.

B)Wrap masking tape around the newspaper to create a tube shape.

C)Create a ring by bending the newspaper tube. Overlap the ends. Note: Make sure your ring will fit on the canvas.

D)Tape the overlapped ends together to complete the ring.


A)Hot glue burlap ribbon to the ring.

B)Wrap the burlap ribbon around the ring to cover it. Cut off excess and hot glue the end to the ring.


A)Use super glue to individually glue dried pinto beans to the ring. Completely cover the top and sides of the ring with dried beans. Tip: Place one drop of glue on the ring, press a bean into the glue, and hold for 3 seconds.

B)Use white spray paint to coat the dried beans on the ring.


A)Cut a 12" and a 15" piece of burlap ribbon.

B)Loop the 12" piece of burlap ribbon through the ring.

C)Hot glue the ends of the burlap ribbon to the back of the frame, as shown.

D)Tie the 15" piece of burlap ribbon around the loop to create an accent bow.


A)Print the sentiments template onto paper. Cut out the sentiment of your choice.

B)Wrap the sentiments paper strip around the ring. Hot glue it to the back of the ring to secure.