Designer Tape Sunglass Decor



  • 1 Pair of Shutter Shades (Sunglasses)
  • 1 Roll of Tape Trendz TM Patterned Duct Tape (8 Inches for the Bow, 54 inches for the chain)
  • Tape Trendz TM Decorative Gems
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • ArtSkills Poster Knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Mat


Cutting the Strips and Forming the Chain:

  • Cut the 54" strip of duct tape into 9 strips, each strip 9 x 6" long. Cut each 6" strip in half lengthwise.


  • Cut each of these strips into 3" halves. After all strips have been cut, you will end up with 36 pieces,        3 inches long.


  • Fold each 3" long piece in half lengthwise on its adhesive side. Be sure to fold each piece carefully so that its seams line up and no adhesive is exposed. Cut a few extra pieces of tape 1"  x 1/4" for fastening purposes.


  • Bend one of the 3" long folded pieces into a loop, securing the loop with one of the smaller pieces of duct tape.

  • Loop another piece of the 3" strips into the first loop. Secure that loop again with another piece of the smaller duct tape. Repeat this step until all 36 of the 3" strips are linked into a long chain.


  •  Attach one end of the tape chain to each arm of the glasses. Pinch the attached loop and secure it with another small piece of duct tape so it is fastened tightly to the arm of the glasses.

Forming the Bow:

  • Now it's time to make the bow. Fold the 8" strip of duct tape in half on the adhesive side so that you end up with a 4" piece of duct tape. Be sure to line up the tape on its edges so that all adhesive is covered by the fold.


  • Pinch the 4" piece in the middle to form the shape of the bow.


  • Secure the pinched area with another small strip of duct tape.

  • Attach the bow to the glasses with hot glue. Glitz the center of the bow with a gem. Add additional gems to the bow any way you wish and wear!


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