Duct Tape Bow


 ArtSkills Colorful Hair Bows with Tape Trendz Duct Tape.




  • 1 Roll of Tape Trendz TM Duct Tape 
  • Ruler

  • Knife

  • Cutting Mat

  • Poster Knife



  1. Cut two strips of duct tape at 8’’ in length.

  2. Place your first strip sticky side down on your cutting mat.

  3. Overlay the second piece of duct tape at ¼’’ and set aside.

  4. Cut two more strips of duct tape at 7” in length.

  5. Overlay the second piece of duct tape at ¼’’ as you did in step 3.

  6. Peel and flip over your 8” piece of fabric with the sticky side up.

  7. Place your 7’’ piece of fabric on top, leaving 1/2’’ on each side to make your duct tape "fabric".

  8. Fold the  "fabric" in half and stick the two 1/2" overhangs together.

  9. For the band that will attached around our bow, cut 1 piece of duct tape at 2.5’’. Fold the tape vertically  to the center, covering all of the adhesive and forming a finished edge. Place to the side.

  10. Fold your bow tie piece into an accordion or zigzag like shape.

  11. Take the band piece and wrap it around the center.

  12. Last, Cut one small strip at ½’’ of tape and use it to secure the band around your bow.