Decorate Your Graduation Cap with Duct Tape!

ArtSkills Colorful Graduation Cap with Tape Trendz Duct Tape.


Congratulations! You did it and it is now time to graduate!

Decorate your graduation cap this year as a fun way to say goodbye to the past and welcome the future! Watch this video to get some inspiration on how you can decorate your own graduation cap using Tape Trendz (TM) Duct Tape and Accessories!



 Our Tape Trendz Graduation Cap:

  1. Start with gold glitter mini tape. Outline your square graduation cap tuck the extra tape under the cap.
  2. Borrowing from our Poster Line we are using our Jumbo Illusion Stickers to write the year of our graduation “2014”.
  3. Next, use our Large adhesive gems and place five on the hat wherever you’d like. We placed four on the corners and one in the center.
  4. Using our mini adhesive gem strips. We made a star design that stems from the center of the hat. We used five light green long strips and four light green small strips. Then we used 10 small dark gems at tips of the star.
  5. Now it's time to put that beautiful cap on and graduate!