Colored Pencil: Succulent Cactus

 Colored Pencil: Succulent Cactus

Download this Project Sheet

Recommended Materials

This project works best when using the materials shown below.

Please Note: These items are found in the ArtSkills Premium Artist Case. These items can also be found at your local craft store.

Step 1:

Begin with Base Color. Using the project sheet, start at the point of each leaf and begin adding short strokes of Red that descend towards the base of the leaf. Line the outer edges of your leaves with red as well.  

Step 2:

Fill in Shapes. Lay down a soft layer of Blue on each leaf. Then, using the Light Green pencil, start to build some shading from the base of each leaf to the tip. When coloring, be sure to follow the natural curve of each leaf. This will help to create a realistic succulent.  


Step 3:

Begin to Shade. Using the Green pencil, build your shadows by adding color to the base of each leaf until you reach mid-way. Next, take your Blue pencil and begin building up the shades in the center of the succulent.  

Step 4:

Build Dimension. Using the Blue pencil, build your shadows up even more by adding color to the center of the succulent. Focus on making the areas where the leaves meet the most dark. Take the Red pencil and add more shading to the very tip of the leaves.    


Step 5:

Finish Your Drawing! Take the Blue Violet pencil and overlap the darkest shadows at the base of each leaf. Use broad, directional strokes that gradually fade out towards the lighter tips.