Bathroom Tray


 What You'll Need:

Let's Do This:


Stain the front of the wood plaque. Let dry. Note: The stain is not water-based, so clean your brush with paint thinner or mineral spirits.


A) Place a piece of tape down the center of the plaque. This will act as a "spacer" to ensure the lines are even.

B) Run a strip of tape right up against the center "spacer" tape.

C) Remove the "spacer" tape from the center and reapply it on the other side of the previous piece of tape.

D) Run another strip of tape right up against the "spacer" tape. Repeat this process to cover the whole plaque with strips of evenly spaced tape. Discard the original "spacer" tape.


A) Cover the taped plaque with white paint. Let dry. B) Remove the tape strips.


Take apart the bead garland and select four white beads. Hot glue them to the bottom of the plaque to act as feet for the tray.