Wood Dowel Utensil Holder

Wood Dowel Utensil Holder
Revitalize a discarded coffee can by adorning it with neatly arranged wood dowels, crafting a stylish utensil holder. This innovative project cleverly repurposes materials, offering a chic and eco-conscious solution for organizing kitchen essentials.

Let's Get Started


A)    Cut wood dowels to 6" lengths. Note: You’ll need to cut approximately 22 12" dowels in half to encircle the coffee can. Tip: Use a small saw and a vice clamp to cut wood dowels.


A)    Decide on a pattern before attaching the wood dowels to the coffee can. Use the suggestion shown, or make your own pattern.


A)    Apply hot glue to a wood dowel.

B)    Begin hot gluing the wood dowels to the coffee can, following the pattern.

A)    Continue gluing the wood dowels around the coffee can until it’s completely encircled.


A)    Cut two pieces of burlap ribbon that are long enough to wrap around the coffee can.

B)    Hot glue the burlap ribbon to the coffee can, one around the top and one around the bottom.

C)   The wood dowel utensil holder is now ready to use!

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