Winter Mason Jar Decor

Winter Mason Jar Decor
Create a cozy winter ambience with this charming Mason jar craft. Use Epsom salt to resemble frost, adorn the jar with winter greenery, and add a tea light to impart a warm, inviting glow.

Let's Get Started


A)    Tie jute around the neck of the jar. Leave tails that are long enough to tie a bow.


A)    Brush deco podge over the jar to completely cover it.

B)    Make sure to get deco podge along the top rim of the jar. Do not cover the jute.

C)   While the deco podge is wet, sprinkle Epsom salt over the jar to coat it.

D)   Tap off any excess salt and let the jar dry thoroughly.


A)    Insert sprigs of greenery and berries into the knot on the jute. Tie a bow.


A)    Using a craft knife, scrape areas of Epsom salt off the jar to create “windows.”

B)    Similar to scraping frost off a window to see outside, you’ll be able to see inside the jar!


A)    Pour Epsom salt into the jar to cover the bottom.

B)    Insert a tea light into the jar and settle it into the salt on the bottom.

C)   Enjoy the glow from the tea light as it shines through the frosted glass.

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