Retro Holly Garland

Retro Holly Garland
Create a retro-inspired holly garland crafted from oversized poster board leaves. Interspersed with vibrant red wooden beads for berries, this large-scale garland adds a touch of vintage charm to your holiday décor.

Let's Get Started


A)    Print out the leaf templates.

B)    Cut out the leaf templates.

C)   Trace the leaf templates onto the poster board. Note: The longer you’d like the garland, the more leaves you will need to make.

D)   Cut out the leaves from the poster board.


A)    Paint both sides of the holly leaves. Make some leaves solid colors. Let dry.

B)    For a fun look, use two colors on the same leaf to create a gradient. Simply blend them together while the paint is wet. Let dry.


A)    Use the gold paint marker to draw veins on the holly leaves. Let dry.


A)    Gently fold the holly leaves in half to create a crease down the middle of each leaf.


A)    Punch a hole at the tip of each holly leaf for threading onto the craft cord. Thread the first leaf onto a 4- to 5-foot length of craft cord and tie a knot around the leaf to secure it in place.

B)    Thread a second leaf onto the craft cord.

C)   Tie a knot about 1" away from the first leaf to keep the two leaves clustered together.

D)   Make a knot on the craft cord about 4" away from the first cluster of leaves to start the second cluster.


A)    Thread two more holly leaves onto the craft cord.

B)    Make a knot about 1" away from the previous knot.

C)   Tie a knot on the cord about 4" from the second cluster of leaves.

D)   Repeat the same pattern to finish adding the holly leaves to the garland: Knot - Two Leaves - Knot - 4" Space…


A)    Paint three wood beads red for every cluster of holly leaves on your garland. Let dry.


A)    Cut one 6" length of craft cord for each cluster of holly leaves on your garland. Thread one red wood bead onto a 6" length of craft cord and tie a knot so the bead will not slide off.

B)    Thread the craft cord through a hole on one of the holly leaves in the first cluster.

C)   Slide two more red beads onto the cord.

D)   Tie a knot at the other end of the 6" craft cord to prevent the beads from sliding off. Note: Repeat Step 8 to add red beads to every cluster of holly leaves.