Reverse Canvas Glittery Snowflake

Reverse Canvas Glittery Snowflake
Transform a standard stretched canvas into a piece of custom art! Add a touch of wintry sparkle to your decor with this charming snowflake craft.

Let's Get Started


A)    Cut the canvas loose from the back of the frame.

B)    Remove the canvas from the frame. Note: If you would like to remove the staples on the back, or tap them in with a hammer, you can, although it is not necessary to do so.


A)    Stain the wood frame. Let dry.


A)    Paint the gessoed side of the canvas with black chalkboard paint. Let dry.


A)    Print the snowflakes template. Cut the snowflakes into smaller squares.

B)    Rub the back of a snowflake with the side of a piece of chalk.

C)   Position the snowflake over the center of the painted canvas, chalk side down, and trace the snowflake pattern using a pen or pencil. This will transfer the design to the canvas.

D)   Go over the traced chalk marks from Step 4c with a white chalkboard marker. Let dry.


A)    Use a fine brush to add deco podge to select areas on the snowflake.

B)    Sprinkle glitter over the wet deco podge.

C)   Tap off any excess glitter.

D)   Let the snowflake dry.


A)    Hot glue the frame to the canvas, making sure to center the snowflake design.

B)    Cut around the frame to remove the excess canvas.

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