Spring Flowers Reverse Canvas

Spring Flowers Reverse Canvas
Create your own framed floral wall art with this easy reverse canvas technique! The 3D paper flowers make this a perfect piece for spring decor in any room of your home.

What You'll Need:

Let's Get Started


A)    Flip the frame to the back. Use a project knife to cut the canvas loose from the staples on the back of the wood frame.

B)    Trim the canvas along the outer edge of the frame with a craft knife. Remove the canvas panel from the front. Discard the loose canvas from the sides.


A)    Stain the front of the frame.

B)    Let dry.


A)    Print the “Love Grows Here” template for the front of the canvas.

B)    Trim along the line.

C)    Flip the paper over and apply spray adhesive to the back.

D)    Press the template to the center of the canvas panel to adhere it in place.


 A)    Apply a bead of hot glue along the back of the frame. Press the frame onto the canvas panel.


A)    Print the templates for the flowers and leaves.

B)    Cut out the flowers and leaves by hand. OPTIONAL: Use the file provided with your personal cutting machine.

C)    Begin rolling the flowers from the outside in towards the center. Note: You can adjust the size of the flower by changing how tightly it is rolled.

D)    When you're happy with the size of your flower, apply a dot of hot glue to the tab at the center to secure the flower. Repeat this process for all of the flowers.


A)    Once all of your flowers are made, hot glue them and the leaves in place on the canvas to create your design.

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