Winter Candle Holder

Winter Candle Holder
Create a glittery DIY candle holder for your winter decor! This easy craft is sure to add elegance and sparkle wherever it’s placed.

Let's Get Started


A) Clean the glass jar. Note: This is a great opportunity to recycle glass containers and give them new life!


A) Use a stiff-bristle paint brush to dab deco podge around the top edge of the glass vase and down the sides. The application should be loose and irregular to mimic ice forming on the edge. Do not let the deco podge dry. Tip: Depending on the size of your vase, you may want to work in sections so the deco podge doesn’t dry.


A) Pour glitter over the wet deco podge. Let dry.


A) Dab deco podge over the glittered area. Let dry. Note: This step will seal the glitter in place.


A) Add epsom salt to the bottom of the vase to act as snow. Insert a candle.

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