Graphite Drawing - Tiger

Graphite Drawing - Tiger
This printable project teaches you tips and techniques about the traditional graphite pencil medium, perfect for artists of any age! If you feel ready for a more advanced project, follow the steps below to create your own Proud Tiger.

Let's Get Started!


Using the side of your 2B pencil, begin by creating coverage in the areas of the tiger’s fur that would be orange, as shown in the image for Step 1. Use the tortillon to blend in your areas evenly. Add in small details like hair in the ears and small stripes above the mouth. 


Begin creating the tiger’s stripes using small strokes that go in the direction of the fur. Use your 4B pencil in areas of shadow, like the insides of  the ears and the neck, and then blend with the tortillon.


Using the 6B pencil add in smaller stripes, and darken the existing stripes. Remember to use pencil strokes that follow the direction of the fur. Also darken around the eyes and in the nostrils, and blend with the tortillon.   Finally, draw whiskers with a sharp pencil.