Graphite Drawing - Eye

Graphite Drawing - Eye
This printable project teaches you tips and techniques about the traditional graphite pencil medium, perfect for artists of any age! Follow the steps below to create a Graphite Eye.

Let's Get Started!


Start with your 2B pencil. Using curved lines, draw in your upper and lower eyelashes. Begin along the upper or lower eyelid and curve your line outwards from the eye (see arrows). To create a rich, dark pupil (center), use your 6B pencil.  Switch back to 2B and draw lines radiating from the pupil out to the edge of the iris.


Take your 6B pencil and create a shadow under the upper eyelid. Darken the lines radiating out from the pupil. To create depth, use your tortillon to blend around the outer edge of the pupil and the inner edge of the iris. Now fill in the eyebrow using small strokes following the angle of the eyebrow—in the same way you created the eyelashes.


Add your finishing touches by softening the appearance of the shading around the eye. Fade the shading around the inner edges of the eyelids into the white of the eye with your tortillon. Create even more depth in the eyebrow, eyelashes, and inner eye by layering dark strokes and blending them out.

Check out this video!