Utensil Pocket Organizer



 What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!

Step 1:

Remove the rope hanger and the plastic hanger from the wood plank using a needle nose pliers. Discard.

Step 2:

A) Paint the wood plank with watercolor that coordinates with the dishcloth. Let dry.

B) Dry brush black paint around the edges of the wood plank. Let dry.

Step 3:

A) Measure 9 ½ inches from top edge of the dishcloth and cut.

B) Measure 9 inches from the side edge of the dishcloth and cut. 

Step 4:

A) Fold bottom cut edge up about 1 ¾ inches.

B) Fold both sides in about 1 ¼ inches.

C) Flip pocket around and place on the board to get position right and make sure it fits.

D) Once satisfied with the position, hot glue the flaps onto the board to create the pocket. Tip: Hold dishcloth in place while lifting flaps to glue. 

Step 5:

A) Cut 9 lengths of jute at 24 inches each.

B) Lay jute strands right next to each other in front of you on a flat surface and tape across the top of the strands to secure. Tip: Make sure the length of your tape is longer than the width of your jute.

C) Separate the strands into groups of three. 

Step 6:

A) Take the right 3 strands and fold over middle 3 strands. These will now be the middle strands.

B) Take the 3 left strands and fold over middle strands. These will now be the middle strands.

C) Repeat (A) and (B) until braided.

Step 7:

A) Secure the bottom end of the braid with tape by wrapping it around the back.

B) Remove the tape and top of the braid from the surface. Wrap the tape around the back.

C) Measure 8 inches from the top of the braid and wrap a piece of tape around the back.

D) Hot glue around the front and back of the braid by the tape to secure the strands and keep them from fraying. Let cool. 

Step 8:

A) Remove the tape and cut the braid into two pieces, at the center, between the hot glue lines.

B) Secure the 8 inch braid to the back at the top using hot glue.

Step 9:

A) Cut two 18 inch pieces of macramé cord. Fish one piece through each end of the remaining 8 inch braid to the middle, leaving the extra cord length for tying bow. Secure ends with hot glue.

B) Tie a bow. 

Step 10:

A) Center the braid at the top of pocket and secure with a dot of hot glue in the middle.

B) Flip the wood plank over and wrap the ends around to the back and secure with hot glue.

C) Slip optional greens under the macrame bow.