New Tape Trendz Duct Tape

Just when you thought all duct tape is the same, ArtSkills announces TapeTrendz® Designer Duct Tape & Accessories!

Available NOW exclusively at Dollar General stores nationwide!


Now at Dollar General, TapeTrendz® offers the following large duct tape rolls:

  1. Solid Colors –Orange, Pink, Purple, Bright Green, Blue, and Black;

  2. Specialty Prints – Rainbow Zebra, Rainbow Dots, Stars, Lighted Stars, Pink Camouflage, Blue Camouflage, Cheetah, Lizards, Kittens, Monster Skulls, Peace Signs, Hearts, Mustaches, Checkerboard, Rainbow Chevron, and Floral;

  3. Glitter – Gold and Silver; and

  4. Holographic – Green, Pink, Blue, and Purple!

Add detail and finish to your duct tape crafts with the following TapeTrendz® Mini Detail Tape in two-packs at Dollar General:

  1. Foil Mini Detail Tape – Gold & Silver, Green & Teal, Orange & Purple, and Blue & Pink;

  2. Glitter Mini Detail Tape – Gold & Silver, Purple & Teal, Pink & Green, and Blue & Red; and

  3. Printed Mini Detail Tape – Owls & Dots, Pink Studs & Gold Studs, Peace Signs & Rainbow, Houndstooth Check & Red Lace, “Caution” & Black, Candy & Blue, Denim & Yellow, and Paw Prints & Green!

Is Bling your Thing? TapeTrendz® at Dollar General offers plenty of Bling so you can accessorize:

  1. Adhesive Gem Strips – Floral, Tiara, Green, and Purple;

  2. Adhesive Gems – Lips, Large and Small Circles, Skulls, Studs, and Flowers;

  3. Glitter Letter Stickers; and

  4. Glitter Border Stickers!