Graphite Pencil: Panda



Graphite Pencil: Panda

Panda Template


Step 1:

Begin with Basic Shapes Using the project sheet, take your 2B pencil and lightly sketch in a vertical and horizontal line that meet directly in the center of the face. Use loose shapes around the eyes as a guide for fur texture.

Step 2:

Start to Add Shades Begin to lay down the first layer of black. Be sure to softly shade and not apply too much pressure on this step. Make your stroke wispy around the eye to give the appearance of fur.

Step 3:

Build Darker Shades Next, using pressure, apply the darkest shade of black. When shading in the eyes, remember to leave a white space for the highlight, this is what will bring your panda to life.

Step 4:

Add in Details Sketching in the leaves will help to set the panda in an environment. Be sure not to make the leaves darker than the panda. Keep your pencil sharp to achieve crisp details.

Step 5:

Finish Your Drawing! Adding highlights to the fur will really add dimension. Using your eraser, remove the graphite in the areas the light would hit. Such as on the top of the arm, top of the ears, top of the nose, and underneath the eyes. This will also help give a greater contrast between light and dark.