Fall Campfire Cupcakes



 What You'll Need:

 Let's Do This:

Step 1: 

Make Cupcakes

A) Bake the cupcakes according to the package directions. Let cool.

B) Apply icing to the cupcakes.

Step 2:

Make Flames

A) Unwrap a mixture of red hard candy and yellow hard candy and put them in a plastic bag. Use a hammer or other device to smash the candy into smaller pieces.

B) Pour the smashed candy pieces onto an oven-safe tray. Keep the pieces gathered together towards the center of the tray.

C) Put the tray in a 350 degree oven. Let the candy melt together, which may take about ten minutes. Remove the tray and let the sheet of melted candy cool.

D) Once the candy is completely cool, you can slap the sheet of candy on a hard surface or break it with your hands to make small pieces. These broken pieces will be the "flames" on the cupcake. Be careful eating pointy pieces.   

Step 3:

Decorate the Cupcake

A) Push the candy flames into the back half of the cupcake.

B) Push three or four pretzel sticks into the cupcake to create a pyramid or teepee shape. The pretzel sticks are the logs for the campfire.

C) Put a mini marshmallow on a pretzel stick and insert it into the cupcake. This is the marshmallow that's being toasted over the campfire.  

Step 4:

Burlap Wrap

A) Cut a 9" piece of burlap ribbon. Note: You will get two burlap cupcake wraps per 9" piece of burlap ribbon. 

B) Coat the burlap ribbon with tacky glue. Let dry. Cut the burlap strip in half lengthwise.  

Step 5:

A) Dab red and orange paint along the frayed edge of the burlap strip. Let dry.

B) Hot glue the ends together to make a circle. Tip: Wrap the burlap strip around the cupcake first to get a feel for the fit before gluing.

C) Insert the cupcake into the wrap.