Designer Tape Woven Purse


  • 2 Rolls of Tape Trendz TM Solid Color Duct Tape
  • 1 Roll of Tape Trendz TM Pattern Duct Tape
  • Tape Trendz TM Decorative Gems
  • ArtSkills Poster Knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Mat


Creating Strips:

  • Cut out 10 strips of pattern duct tape, each strip 10" long. Lay the strips out lengthwise, adhesive side up and fold each in half so that their length remains the same.
  • Be sure to fold carefully so that the creases match up and no adhesive is exposed.
  • Repeat steps A and B with the solid duct tape. Once all strips have been folded, you can begin to weave them together to create the fabric. Lay the pattern color strips side by side making sure that the ends are even at the top. Cut four, 10" additional solid strips, using one to adhere the 10 patterned strips temporarily to your workspace. Half of the strip should be hanging over the edge. (see diagram below)

Making the Weave:

  • Taking one 10" strip of the folded solid duct tape strips, begin weaving the strip through the pattern duct tape strips. You will weave the solid duct tape over, then under, then over, then under, etc., until you reach the other side of the pattern strips. Repeat with all of the solid strips, making sure that you alternate between an over or under weave. For example, if you started the first solid strip laying over the pattern strips, start the next solid strip weaving under the pattern strips.
  • When all strips have been woven together to form a 10 x 10" square, you will need to secure the sides and bottom of the weave pattern. Take one of the four 10" solid strips and place it lengthwise along the bottom end of the woven pattern. Half of the strip should be hanging over the edge. Flip the strip over and fold the overhand onto the back of the woven strips. Repeat with the solid strip already at the top of the weaving, and along both sides of the weaving so that all four sides are secured with tape and no adhesive is exposed.

Folding the Purse:

  • Fold the purse in half and crease.
  • Cut two 5" solid duct tape strips and secure the sides of the purse together. Now your purse is taking shape.

Creating the Strap:

  • Lay the two remaining 10" strips adhesive side up and overlap lengthwise by about an inch. You should now have one long strip of tape created by the two strips of duct tape.
  • Fold the strip carefully in half lengthwise on its adhesive side. Be careful that all the seams line up so no adhesive is left showing. This strip will become your purse handle.

Attaching the Strap:

  • Cut two 4" strips of solid tape to attach the handle to the inside of your purse on each end. Securing your handle on the inside will give your purse a cleaner look opposed to attaching it on the outside.

Creating the Flower:

  • To create the decorative flower (See Below for Diagram), cut a strip of duct tape that's at least 10" long. Leaving a 1/4" of the adhesive exposed, fold the strip over lengthwise on its adhesive side.
  • Crease the strip in a circular pattern, rotating around the sticky end of the strip. Continue creasing until you form a flower shape.
  • You will end up with a circular flower with a sticky center. You can add as many layers of the same folded flower as you'd like.
  • Once you have your desired flower, cut a circular piece of tape and attach to the center of the flower. Finish by adding a gem to the center of the circle. Attach the flower to the purse and wear!



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