Duct Tape Mask



  • 1 Roll of ArtSkills Glitter Duct Tape

  • 1 Roll of ArtSkills Foil Mini Duct Tape

  • 2 Sets of ArtSkills Adhesive Gem Strips

  • 1 Set of ArtSkills Adhesive Gem Strips

  • 1 Set of ArtSkills Small Round Gems

Download Mask Template


  1. Start by tracing your mask onto the Holographic poster board and cutting out the template carefully with your poster knife.

  2. Cut 2 pieces of glitter tape at 9’’. Place the holographic side of the mask down, so that the white is facing upward. Take your first piece of glitter tape and place onto the mask. Take your second pieces of glitter tape and place it adjacent to the first piece on the mask.

  3. Carefully use your knife to cut along the outside of the mask to trim the excess tape.

  4. Take your first strip of green gems and place along the top of the mask, following the lines and curves of the mask. Continue with the second strip of green gems to go all the way around the mask. This will take three strips of gems. Use your knife to end the strip of gems.

  5. Take the remaining 6 gems to make a “V” shape in the center of the mask. Add an additional green gem to complete the design.

  6. Then take one strip of purple gems and start your second line of gems following closely to the first strip. Cut 4 additional purple gems to finish off your strip.

  7. Use 4 small round gems and place on the inside and outside of the eye holes.

  8. Cut one small piece of mini tape at 2 inches. Take your pencil and place the tape on the bottom to cover the base of your pencil.

  9. Holding the pencil in one hand and the tape roll in the other continue to slowing wrap the pencil with the mini tape. When finished cut off the tape and mold to the tip of the pencil.

  10. Take your covered pencil and attach to the back of your mask with one strip of mini tape.

  11. Last, take your light green gems and twirl them around your covered pencil for additional flare!