Designer Tape Fabric


  • 1 Roll of Tape Trendz TM Duct Tape (Use 2 rolls if you would like each side to be different)
  • ArtSkills Poster Knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Mat


  1. First, you must estimate the size of your project. You can do this by determining what size wallet, purse, etc. you would like to make.
  2. Adhere 1 strip of tape to your cutting mat so that it matches the width of the mat. Be sure to leave a little extra tape at the ends of the mat so that the excess tape can be trimmed away leave clean, even edges.
  3. Cut another strip the same length as the previous. Slightly overlap this strip about 1/4" onto the strip that was previously laid down.
  4. Continue these steps until the desired size of your project has been achieved.
  5. Peel up the sheet and flip it over so that the adhesive side is facing up. ***IMPORTANT*** To avoid your sheet of duct tape pulling apart when peeling up, pull the sheet from the top corner of the very first strip laid down.
  6. Your duct tape sheet should now be adhesive side up. Running the tape in the opposite direction, repeat steps 2-4, laying down duct tape strips and overlapping until all adhesive is covered. Laying the strips of tape in the opposite direction will add strength to your duct tape project.
  7. Use a ruler and measure the desired size needed for your project and trim away any excess or jagged