Wood Slice Wreath

Wood Slice Wreath
Create a festive wood slice wreath to decorate your home for the holidays! It’s easy to make and will add some rustic charm to your decor!

Let's Get Started


A)    Trace a bowl that is similar in size to the wreath you’d like to make onto a heavy piece of cardboard.

B)    Cut out the cardboard ring.


A)    Place the first layer of wood slices on the cardboard ring to perfect their placement. Once satisfied, hot glue the wood slices to the cardboard ring.

B)    Place the second layer of wood slices on the wreath to perfect their placement. Once you are satisfied, hot glue the wood slices in place.


A)    Make a bow from the burlap ribbon and set it aside temporarily.

B)    Begin hot gluing greens and berries to the wood slice wreath.

C)   Add the bow and continue hot gluing the greens and berries.

D)   Hot glue a few pine cones to the arrangement.

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