DIY Brown Paper Bag Centerpiece

DIY Brown Paper Bag Centerpiece
Kraft paper bags stenciled with snowflakes will create a beautiful holiday centerpiece! Brushed with silver glitter, these festive bags will sparkle when placed among candles. Fill with greens and group several bags together for a gorgeous winter decoration!

Let's Get Started


A)    Print the snowflake template.

B)    Place parchment paper over the template. (The snowflakes will be easy to remove from the parchment paper.) Hot glue over the stencil to make snowflake shapes. Let cool and remove from the parchment paper.


A)    Lay snowflakes on the kraft paper bag.

B)    Dab on white paint, using the snowflakes as stencils. You will need to stencil all four sides of the bag, but start with the front and back first. Tip: Hold snowflakes in place with your other hand. Your fingers will get a bit messy! When you're done stenciling a side, remove the snowflakes and let dry before moving on to the next.

C)   To paint the sides of the bag, open it and insert a foam block to act as a support. Apply stencils and dab on white paint. Let dry.

D)   Brush silver glitter paint on all four sides of the bag to add sparkle. Let dry.


A)    Paint one of the glue snowflakes with white paint. Let dry.

B)    Brush silver glitter paint over the snowflake. Let dry.


A)    Fill the bag with greens.

B)    Wrap silver ribbon around the bag and loop the painted snowflake through the ribbon. Tie a bow to secure the snowflake in place.