Mini Paper Chain Wall Art

Mini Paper Chain Wall Art
Create a mini paper chain wall hanging using just a few supplies. With the included pattern template, this easy DIY project transforms simple materials into a stylish and personalized home decoration!

Let's Get Started


A)    Print out the template to use as a guide for color placement.


A)    Cut cardstock into the strips needed to make the pattern. Tip: Be very precise when cutting the strips so that the finished piece is neat and properly aligned.

a)    You will need 3/4" x 6" loop pieces in the following colors and amounts:

                                          i)         7 Pink, 9 Purple, 12 Green, 14 Light Blue, 16 Dark Blue

b)    You will need 3/4" x 3" connector pieces in the following colors and amounts:

                                          i)         7 Pink, 9 Purple, 12 Green, 14 Light Blue, 5 Dark Blue


A)    Use the edge of a table to pull each strip of paper back and forth.

B)    This will add a smooth curve to the paper strips.

C)   Use this technique on all of the loop pieces and connector pieces.


A)    Hot glue all the 3/4" x 6" loops so they are completed and ready to use. Tip: Keep the seam overlap the same when gluing so the finished loops are uniform in size.


A)    Follow the color pattern on the template to gather the loops needed to make the first strand. Note: Connector pieces should be the color of the top loop.

B)    Insert a connector piece between the first two loops. Add hot glue to the connector piece and press the ends together.

C)   This will make a smaller loop and connect the main loops. Repeat the process to connect the remaining loop on the first strand.

D)   The first strand is now complete!


A)    Slide the first strand onto a wood dowel.

B)    Continue making strands and sliding them onto the wood dowel, using the template as a guide for color placement.

C)   Finish making all the strands and adding them to the wood dowel.


A)    Add a piece of jute to the ends of the wood dowel to act as a hanger.

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