DIY Custom Glass Tags

DIY Custom Glass Tags
Make these sparkly tags to use at your New Year’s Eve party! This quick and easy craft requires just a few supplies. Your guests can even personalize the tags with fun letter stickers!

Let's Get Started


A)    Cut 2" off each end of a craft stick to make the small tags. Discard the remaining middle section.

B)    Paint the tags with black chalk paint. Let dry.

C)   Brush deco podge along the bottom edge of the tags.

D)   Dip the wet deco podge edge into gold glitter. Let dry.


A)    Poke a hole through the rounded end of the tag.

B)    Insert a length of gold ribbon through the hole. Make sure there is enough to tie around the stem of the glass.

C)   Tie the tag around the stem of the glass. Trim off any excess ribbon from the tied end.

D)   Have your guests add a letter sticker to personalize their tags.