Medium River Rocks for Home Decor, 120 oz

Medium River Rocks for Home Decor, 120 oz

DIY Round Wood Slices with Raw Edges, 3-Pack

  • Pack of 3 wood rounds
  • Wood round measures approximately 9.75-10.25" L x 7.75-8.25" W (sizes vary due to irregularities in wood)
  • Tree growth rings add to the imperfect charm of these rustic blank rounds
  • Wooden rounds are ideal for wood burning designs, painting and staining
  • Suitable for most occasions, including weddings, parties, reunions, and more
  • Use these wood rounds for DIY projects, home décor, photo props, signs, and more
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The ArtSkills Project Craft Wood Slices are made from durable wood. Each wood round measures approximately 9.75 - 10.25 in. L x 7.75 - 8.25 in. W, with differences due to irregularities and variations in the wood. The raw edges give them an authentic and rustic look. These beautiful cuts of wood are perfect for home decor or crafts. Easily personalize them with stains, carvings or paint. This multi-pack includes 3 wood rounds.

Authentic Look and Feel

Each cut of wood has a unique shape and growth rings. The hardwood's natural grain is well-suited for painting, staining and varnishing, and the unfinished natural surface is ideal for woodburning, embellishing, etching and stenciling. This wood round will make a beautiful backdrop for your artwork.

Versatile Uses

Create beautiful DIY decor for your home, office, or event with a personalized sign. The unfinished wood makes them fully customizable. These wood rounds are suitable for weddings, shops, gifts, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more. Stencil family initials to display on your wall or create a touching anniversary gift for a loved one. The possibilities are endless!

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