Epic Lab Pendulum Painter

Epic Lab Pendulum Painter

Epic Lab Propulsion Racers STEM Kit

Epic Lab Propulsion Racers STEM Kit

Epic Lab Solar Robotics STEM Kit

  • Complete Solar Robotics STEM Kit
  • Create 5 different solar powered robots
  • Working solar motor runs completely on the power of the sun
  • Solar Panel converts sunlight into endless renewable energy
  • Power 5 different machines: Rover, Windmill, Airplane, Airboat, and Walker
  • Easy-to-Build Robots teach kids engineering and robotics skills
  • Enjoy hours of outdoor fun in the sun
  • Includes a Guide with Log Sheets to write results and discoveries
  • STEAM and STEM kits teach kids important knowledge and skills
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With the ArtSkills Epic Lab 5-in-1 Solar Energy Robotics and Simple Machines STEM Kit, kids will be able to build and play with solar robots. This science kit is packed with options for educational fun. Kids can follow the guided experiments to use one solar panel base to create 5 different machines. The working Solar Panel generates energy to allow the robot to really move, spin or sail.

Create Working Robot with 5 Options

This fun science activity lets kids build their own robots. Using a real solar panel, gear box, and interchangeable robot parts, children will be able to construct any of 5 different solar robots. Each uses energy from the sun to move in its own way. The Walker and Rover can move across solid surfaces using feet or wheels, the Windmill and Airplane spin and rotate, and the Airboat sails across water. Children can follow the guided experiments to create these fun machines while learning about robotics, solar energy and engineering. After they finish playing with one, they can deconstruct the robot and build another design.

Fun Outdoor Activity

Kids can spend time outdoors with this activity kit. The Solar Panel requires energy from the sun to power the machines, so children will be able to get fresh air, learn and play at the same time. Play with the machines on the sidewalk, driveway, pool, grass and more.

Learn & Play

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Activity kits incorporating these fields are great for young, curious minds. Kids will learn to experiment, use logic, solve problems, think creatively, test their knowledge, and complete hands-on projects. Epic Lab prides itself on its engaging STEM kits that instill a passion for discovery and facilitate hands-on learning in skills that children can use in their education and future!

What's Included

Solar Panel
Pinion Gear
Round Shaft
Gear with Shaft
4 Wires
2 Adhesive Squares
2 Pop-Out Robot Sheets
STEM Activity Booklet and Instructions

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