Make Your Own Neon Sign Kit - Pink

Make Your Own Neon Sign Kit - Pink

Epic Lab Human Anatomy STEM Kit

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  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the body systems
  • Mold and organize realistic clay organs
  • Sculpt fine details with the included clay tools
  • Create a free standing body model
  • Learn how the brain controls the body
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Help your child embrace their inner scientist with the ArtSkills Epic Lab Human Anatomy STEM Kit. This kit includes all the neccessary materials to mold clay organs to assemble your own human anatomy model. When the experiments are complete, it's easy to keep playing and learning! Children can come up with their own experiments, compete with siblings and friends, or just play with their creations!

Human Anatomy

ArtSkills Epic Lab Human Anatomy Kit lets you or your child build a human anatomy model while learning about biology and the functions of different organ systems. Learn how the brain controls the body, how the heart oxygenates blood, and more. Mold clay organs to bake and place on the anatomy map. Label each part of the body to and learn how the organs function. Develop your child's interest in STEM fields while having fun!

Learn & Play

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Activity kits incorporating these fields are great for young, curious minds. Kids will learn to experiment, use logic, solve problems, think creatively, test their knowledge, and complete hands-on projects. Epic Lab prides itself on its engaging STEM kits that instill a passion for discovery and facilitate hands-on learning in skills that children can use in their education and future!

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