Epic Lab Propulsion Racers STEM Kit

Epic Lab Propulsion Racers STEM Kit

Epic Lab Human Anatomy STEM Kit

Epic Lab Human Anatomy STEM Kit

Epic Lab Hydraulic Machines STEM Fluid Science Kit

  • Kids STEM Hydraulic Machines Fluid Science Kit
  • Follow instructions to build a model of a working Hydraulic Arm
  • Color-Coded Syringes let you use water to Grip, Lift, Extend, and Pivot
  • Move 3D Objects through a course by performing the correct actions
  • Fun STEM Experiments teach kids about fluid mechanics, machines, and more
  • Includes a Guide with Log Sheets to write results and discoveries
  • STEAM and STEM kits teach kids essential knowledge and skills
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With the ArtSkills Epic Lab Hydraulic Machines STEM Fluid Mechanics and Design Kit, kids will learn to assemble and test their working hydraulic arm! This Science Kit is packed with options for educational fun. Kids can build the wooden arm, place the syringes, and then push the right plungers to complete different tasks. Fun science experiments are included to demonstrate fluid mechanics, simple machine design, coding, and sequencing!

Learn with STEM Kits

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Activity kits incorporating these fields are great for young, curious minds. Kids will learn to experiment, use logic, solve problems, think creatively, test their knowledge, and complete hands-on projects. This is excellent enrichment for children, who can take these skills into their education and their future!

Build a Working Hydraulic Arm

This fun Science Activity lets kids assemble a functional hydraulic machine. Using a system of syringes and tubes, children will learn how fluid pressure generates force! Use Dye to color code the water in each syringe for each action. By pressing in and pulling out the plungers, the arm can Grip, Lift, Extend, and Pivot!

Fun Fluid Mechanics Experiments

This science kit will teach kids about the mechanics behind hydraulics. Experiments and tasks are included for kids to complete on the interactive play mat. This Epic Lab Hydraulic Science Kit even includes 3D wooden shapes to lift, move, and place.

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